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A little story about a mirror I made.

Thought it was about time I added to this blog!

So, I made a mirror for my parents wedding anniversary - can't remember which - it was yonks ago. We had seen one in a garden centre that had a huge price tag and I had said 'I can make that'. About four decades later I actually made it and it's still hanging on a wall in their garden.

A few months ago my nan's friend saw it when she was visiting and asked if I could make one for her daughter.

Et Voilà!

My nan's friend was very happy with it and considering I'd just used whatever I could find in the garage (except the mirror - I had to order that) I think it looks alright!

I enjoy carpentry - I basically love making anything - but at the time I was asked to do this I was working on a couple of other shows, and I was just about to leave for panto season, so it's not perfect. Some may call it bodged, I'd call it rustic.


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