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selling inspiring t-shirts. 

promoting inspiring charities.

SubtlTee is a new initiative with three main aims;

1. Spreading positive messages through selling t-shirts on our Etsy Shop and local markets

2. The profits from selling t-shirts fund films which help to promote and raise awareness of specific issues and charity work. 

3. These adverts are produced to a high quality industry standard and therefore create jobs within the film industry. 


Our third film;

"Living on Queer Street"

was made for 



a charity that transforms the lives of queer young people so they can live fulfilling and hope-filled lives.

Released August 2020

Please watch / share / follow and support



Our second film;

"It's Just Hair"


was a dance video created to promote a positive attitude towards body hair.

Released July 2019

Please watch / share / follow and support

Our first film;

"A Bloody Mess"

was made for 



an organisation that supplies period supplies to people that can't afford them.

Released May 2017

Please watch / share / follow and support

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