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-----full of ideas-----



"Your responses can be quite withering" - Jack 

"It's good to have a designer that can actually design" - Bob 

"Feminist and ex-christian? Do you have any friends?" - Paul

"She's very gifted" - Simon from Facebook

"Look at her she's looks about four"  - Imelda 

"Withering is a superb description of you. I doff my cap to whomsoever put their finger on as defining a characteristic as that" - Jolyon

"You're the most chilled dresser ever" - Phil




"Little Red" - an all female panto, performed in four community spaces in South Essex, funded by ACE Project Grant + UKSPF Rochford Council

"Greenham" - a 10 minute monologue about the protest at Greenham Common - performed at the Short + Sweet Festival


"Robyn Hood" - an all female panto, performed in two community spaces in South Essex


"Christmas From Scratch" - a series of ten monologues released online gaining +50k views produced by Church from Scratch. Filmed in Southend 

"The Plot Thickens" - an online interactive murder mystery where all the characters are from musical theatre. Featuring nineteen performers from Essex and beyond

"Crap Art Club"  - a one off drama filmed over zoom and featured at the Command festival, delving into the classic mid-twenties crisis



"Stab in the Dark"  - immersive crime scene experience in a warehouse in Southend. Bigger and better version two is in the pipeline....

"A Bloody Mess' - a female-led backstage farce loosely based on my experiences touring the UK, in development baby


"Aladdin" - wrote an amateur panto with a mate obvs. It was incredible.


Show Up Productions - set up a theatre company in Southend to write and produce my own shiz  


Show Up! Southend - A website and newsletter dedicated to promoting the insane creatives and events happening in Southend

SubtlTee - my little vanity project selling positive slogan tees to make films with my brother for charities.

The Wardrobe Chronicles - An online resource for wardrobe and costume technicians in Theatre/Film/TV. We also write useful and ranty articles cos the industry is in an absolute state. 

Stage Babies - Got mad at a crap fake baby onstage. Made some decent ones and hire them out, as you do

Theatre Freelancer - Worked extensively in a variety of capacities backstage - comprehensive list of credits here

Set and Costume Designer - Click to see pics of all my design work 

Concrete Culture - Was a member of this sick arts collective that was working with the community to bring a beautiful grade II listed building back to life  

let's have a laugh and get the job done

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